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        Tianjin Chunxiang Lighting Co., Ltd.(Former Tianjin lighting Factory)
        Tianjin Chunxiang Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 1927. In July 2010, it was recognized by Tianjin Municipal People's Government as “Tianjin Time-honored Brand”.
        Tianjin Chunxiang Lighting Co., Ltd. is located in downtown area of Tianjin (No. 91, Xianyang Road, Nankai District). As one of the largest lighting manufacturers in China, Tianjin Chunxiang Lighting Co., Ltd. specializes in producing more than 20 series of lighting products such as street lights, floodlights, factory lights, courtyard lights, high-pole lights, traffic lights, etc. It provides comprehensive lighting solutions with integrated design, development, production , sales and installation services.
        Tianjin Chunxiang Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1927. It was named “Chunxiang Gas Lamp Factory” from 1927 to 1956. From 1956 to 2003, it was known as “Tianjin Lighting Factory”. “Tianjin Chunxiang Lighting Co., Ltd.” has been in use since September 2003. As a pioneer in the lighting industry in Tianjin, our company has been producing industry and city lighting for more than nine decades. It became a flagship company in northern China and received a reputation as “China Time-honored Brand” and centenary lighting center. The company covers a floor space of 20,000 square meters and a building area of 22,000 square meters. Its registered capital is 20 million yuan with net asset of 80 million yuan. It owns two advanced bending machines (1500T and 1200T) and hundreds of various types of production and testing equipment, along with automatic welding and powder coating production lines. There are 35 highly skilled technicians who have intermediate or senior professional titles in the company. Furthermore, it has level 2 road lighting engineering qualification, and is fully capable of undertaking installation of light poles. Tianjin Chunxiang Lighting Co., Ltd. has become a modern lighting manufacturer. At present, the company has opened up business opportunities in export trade on five continents, including France, Serbia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Chile, Paraguay, Australia, etc.
Major Projects List
1. Chinese style lamp lighting project on Chang An Avenue, Beijing
2. Street lighting project at National Stadium, Beijing
3. Street lighting project at Beijing Capital International Airport
4. Street lighting project on Beijing Jingtong expressway
5. Landscape lighting project at Tianjin Railway Station
6. Transportation junction lighting project at Tianjinxi Railway Station
7. Landscape lighting project at Tianjin Water Park
8. Landscape lighting project at Tianjin Nancuiping Park
9. Landscape lighting project at Tianjin Changhong Ecological Park
10. Street lighting project (LED test project) at Tianjin Normal University and Tianjin Polytechnic University
11. Landscape lighting project on Tianjin drum-tower commercial street and Tianjin Confucian temple commercial street
12. Street lighting project at Aksu Ecological Park and Korla Ecological Park
13. Street lighting project at Wuqing District, Tianjin
14. Street lighting project on Tianjin expressway
15. Street lighting project on west vertical expressway, south horizontal expressway, east vertical expressway, Zhangguizhuang expressway, Jingjin expressway, Hebei street, Weijinnan road, Jiefangnan road, Haijin bridge, etc
16. Street and landscape lighting project along Haihe river
17. Die-cast street lights on East road. Street lighting project on Dagu road, Baoding street, Ziyahenan road, Santiaoshi street, relief road of the Tientsin Eye, Bei’An bridge, Daguangming bridge, Tai’An street, etc.
18. Street lighting project at Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Limingzhuang station in Airport Economic Zone
19. Street lighting project at Airport Economic Zone (First phase project and Second phase project)
20. Street lighting project on Tianjin Avenue

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